New Frontiers

NewFrontiers02NewFrontiers01Community Job Placement Services are provided in Gibson and Pike counties, through the New Frontiers Employment Services offices located in Princeton and Petersburg Indiana.  Placement in viable community jobs is a priority with our organization.  People who are referred to us and funded from Vocational Rehabilitation in Indiana are assisted towards jobs of their choices in the community.

Depending upon their funding and need, Employment Training Specialists can assist individuals with interviewing and job seeking/retaining skills, help with resume writing, discover employment opportunities, and even provide on site job coaching until confidence is gained.  After successfully completing the Vocational Rehabilitation program, follow along services are provided through frequent check-ups, for individuals who would qualify for this type of service.  This service has truly changed peoples lives and given them new hope.  Ages served are 16 and up.

We will assist you to contact the appropriate Vocational Rehabilitation office and get you set up.  Let us steer you toward a great job and a brighter future in your community! Contact us at 812.386.6312.