Living Options

Non-24 hour care to individuals that either live in their own home or with family.

Supported Independent Living (SILP)
This service provides opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to live on their own, but still receive minimal support from staff. These supports are usually in the areas of medical management, budgeting, outings, shopping, and daily living skills.

In our expanded service area, services offered and hours served are highly individualized. Consumers in this program generally live in an apartment setting or even in their own home. This program provides guidance, resources and support services to enable individuals to reach their highest potential and to live in the community.

This service leads people to totally independent living in their future.  One SILP consumer stated, “My life was going nowhere until I joined SILP. Now I have a nice place to live with a full-time job with benefits, and I am happy and healthy.”

The Arc of Gibson County owns H.U.D. subsidized apartment complexes in Gibson and Pike Counties that are designed for ease and access for people with disabilities. Individuals must be referred by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (BDDS) or a case management system.

In-Home Living Services
We are in our 22nd year administering this program and the number, the ages involved, and the types of services continue to expand. Trained companions work in family homes to teach independent living skills, offer personal assistance and support to individuals and their families. Support services are provided a few hours a week up to 10 hours per day based on individual needs. The Arc of Gibson County is an approved provider for Respite services. Individuals must be referred by BDDS or a case management system.

Connect with us through the internet and request more information on the Living Options programs, or call us at 812-386-6312.