Community Living

The Arc of Gibson County Residential Program provides group home living for developmentally disabled individuals. The main focus of the program is to achieve and maintain the residents’ maximum level of independence in all phases of daily living. Residents are trained and provided 24-hour supervision by qualified staff in a home-like environment. All programming is monitored by the State Board of Health and funded by Medicaid.

Community Living is a residential service that is funded through State Line Funding or the Medicaid Waiver. This service is characterized by people living in the community (apartment or own home) with anywhere from minimal hours up to 24 hours of direct care “staff” supervision. A person going into Supported Living is encouraged to live with at least one roommate.

The direct care staff are always in a teaching mode in order for the person to learn new independent skills and take their place in the community. We serve any age as long as they are authorized for services to begin. We have great success with people who were from institutional settings and are highly behavioral. A person must go through testing and be deemed eligible for this service before being referred. There is a waiting list for this service with the State of Indiana itself, so email us right away and we will help you through the referral process, or you may call us at 812-386-1042 for further assistance.