Annual Awards



Life Skills Consumer of the Year

DEBONAIR (deb-o-nair) = Clyde Broderhausen

Clyde has great attendance and punctuality, Clyde shows an exemplary attitude toward his co-workerss and supervisors. Clyde has learned to complete three new jobs this year! In his free time Clyde participates in the Special Olympics, where he enjoys bowling. He also enjoys going to football games, church, shopping out to eat and visits to the library.

Congratulations Clyde! You are such a welcomed addition to our Life Skills Family!


Consumer Worker of the Month 2015

January – Donna Renfro

February – Tammy Lasley

March – Jerry Lloyd

April – Frances Mayer

May – Beth Knapp

June – Charles Persinger

July – Tim Moog

August – Jim Critchfield

September – Willie Turner

October – Ashley Hume

November – Thomas Mayer

December – Debra Lamer

Staff Service Excellence Awards – 2015 – 2016

1st Quarter – Trenton McCommis, Lacy Weigle, Kim Thomas

2nd Quarter – Casey Dawson, Kendra Jones, Sue Ann Watson, Leroy Medcalf

3rd Quarter – Theresa Coomer, Tina Sturgeon, Sue Ann Townsend, Bree Tabor 

4th Quarter – Lisa Grace

Yearly Overall Award – Theresa Coomer

Resident of the Year – Wesley Orange

Waiver Resident of the Year – Tim Smith

Living Options – Most Achieved Consumer of the Year – Cody Whitehouse

Enclave Worker of the Year – John Hardiman

Work Center – Worker of the Year – Productivity – Ashley Hume

Work Center – Worker of the Year – Overall Attitude – Jerry Lloyd

Life Skills – Worker of the Year- Clyde Broderhausen


2016 Prom King  Aaron & Queen – Virginia