May 2017

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May 2017 – Candie Randall, Medical Coordinator Waiver

Candie has been with The Arc of Gibson County for nearly 4 years. Candie works in our waiver department as the medical coordinator. Some duties include scheduling appointments, attending doctor’s appointments with consumers, updating medical files and communicate with other staff who provide direct care for our consumers. The waiver department currently serves 15 consumers. Her supervisor Bree Goldsberry, Waiver Director says “Candie always goes above and beyond her required duties. She is a huge asset to our team and I don’t think she knows the work no! Staff and consumers alike look up to Candie.”

Employee Q & A

What brought you to The Arc of Gibson County?

Sonny Strickland ,the Residential Medical Coordinator. I started out as a direct care provider in the women’s homes. After being with the organization for four months I was able to move into the men’s Waiver Manager position and in May of 2016 I took the Medical Coordinator position.

What do you like most about your job?

The consumers, I can be a support for them when they are scared and I can celebrate with them when they get good news. I just enjoy spending time with the consumers!

Who’s your role model?

Life- My Mom- She’s the strongest most brave woman I know!

Work – Bree Goldsberry_ I admire her dedication and hard work for the consumers and the staff! I understand her passion for what she does and she understands mine!

What’s one thing not many people know about you?

I had leukemia when I was 40 y/o, the kind of leukemia that statistically men over 60 get and most don’t survive- NOT SURVIVING WASN’T AN OPTION FOR ME!!

What have you gained from working at The Arc of Gibson County?

The confidence in knowing that I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

What are 3 words you’d use to describe The Arc of Gibson County?


What’s your favorite memory from The Arc of Gibson County?

When we got a new consumer and he couldn’t remember my name. I told him “Candie ,like a candy bar” and now he calls me “Candie chocolate bar” and so do the other consumers, the staff and even his family. The memory that keeps going!

What’s your favorite thing about working at The Arc of Gibson County?

The looks on consumers faces when they achieve their goals they have worked so hard to get and the smiles on their faces when they see me!